Soil Moisture

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Within Meet Je Stad we want to measure soil moisture in order to see how long periods of rain or drought affect the moisture status of the soil. Due to climate change extended periods of drought and heavy rainfall are increasingly expected in the (near) future. The better the soil is capable of buffering these extremes, the less the negative effects will be on for example plant growth, or damage to buildings and infrastructure in the city. By investigating how moisture in different soils changes due to rainfall, drought and the type of plants growing on it, we hope to take more targeted measures for climate adaptation, such as enhancing the soil composition or choosing plants that are more drought-tolerant. 

Latets update

In the summer of 2020 a first prototype was developed that determines soil moisture by measuring the capacpity of the soil. The choice was made to develop a sensor ourselves, because there were no open source, sensors available that allow measurement of soil moisture on multiple depths. Criteria for the development process are:

- Open source
- Cheap materials
- Easy to build DIY
- Easily connected to Meet Je Stad nodes.

Fall 2020 10 prototype sensors were placed on pilot locations in the municipality of Amersfoort. This pilot is a part of the SCOREwater project, in which a consortium, including the municipality, performs measurements on soil moisture and wind chill temperature in the city. On each pilot location professional soil mositure sensors are placed, the data of which can be used for calibration and determining reliability of the Meet Je Stad prototype sensors.

At this moment (8 november) the Meet Je Stad nodes in the table below are equipped with a soil moisture prototype. When you click on the node number you will see the table with the measurements of the past period. The raw soil moisture data is saved in the the 'Extra'  field. On the Data Analysis page further explanation is given on how to read the data. The active soil moisture sensors can also be viewed on the map:

Location Active Remarks
519 Schothorst: Queekhoven
Error 40cm electrode, connection NTCs reversed
661 Schothorst: Hinderstein
751 Schothorst: Duke Ellingtonpad
N Error. Measurements out of range
753 Schothorst: Count Bassiestraat

756 Schothorst: Park nabij Jazzpad

758 Schothorst: Charlieparkerstraat
N Removed because of vandalism
759 de Berg: Wilhelminalaan
Error. Measurements out of range
Station: Piet Mondriaanplein
Previously Node 203
517 de Berg: Thorbeckeplein
757 de Berg, Limnioveld

Other tests
749 N Testprobe
752 Landgoed het Lankheet, Haaksbergen Y
Testprobe 40cm
417 Binnen in deWAR Y
Calibration test

Graphs of the data can be found here

More information & participate

On the following pages you can find more information about the project:

- Background (no English page yet)

- Prototypes & Experiments
  Here we document the progress in the development of the prototype and results of expeirments

- Grafieken
  Graphs of the raw data can be found under soil moisture sensors

- Data-Analysis
  Here we document the progress with analysing the data from th prototypes.

Do you want to participate? We try to focus our online discussions on the Meet Je Stad forum. See the agenda for activities that we will organise in the coming period around the theme soil moisture or register for out newsletter, chat in the Meet Je Stad Riot channel or send an email to to be kept up to date of the latest developments.