Soil Moisture

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Within Meet Je Stad we want to measure soil moisture in order to see how long periods of rain or drought affect the moisture status of the soil. Due to climate change extended periods of drought and heavy rainfall are increasingly expected in the (near) future. The better the soil is capable of buffering these extremes, the less the negative effects will be on for example plant growth, or damage to buildings and infrastructure in the city. By investigating how moisture in different soils changes due to rainfall, drought and the type of plants growing on it, we hope to take more targeted measures for climate adaptation, such as enhancing the soil composition or choosing plants that are more drought-tolerant. 

Workshops 2022

In the coming months we will organise workshops where citizens of the municipality of Amersfoort can build a Meet Je Stad station with soil moisture sensors, to place in their garden. The workshop will take aproximately 3 hours to complete. When we know the exact date and time of the workshops they will be anounced on this page and on the agenda

Look at your measurements

When you have completed your workshop and want to look at the measurements of your sensors, you can find them on the graphs page. There you can see the actual amount of soil moisture and compare this to e.g. rainfall in the last period. Active soil moisture sensors can also be viewed on the map. If your sensor is not visible on the map or there is no data in the graphs, it may mean that the calibration data has not yet been implemented. It that case you can see the raw data, by copying the link below and replacing the bold number with the number of your measurement station.

If there is no new data in this table, it could mean there is somethign wrong with your sensor. In that case you can look in the element channel of Meet Je Stad (, if somebody has encountered a similar problem before, or ask a question to the other participants.


If you want to participate, you can keep an eye out for the agenda for activiteits that we organise around the theme soil moisture, subscribe for the Meet Je Stad newsletter and chat in the Meet Je Stad Element channel or mail to to keep posted.